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We are an integrated colearning and lifestyle platform for working with well-being. 

We provide unique education solutions for professional beings through short-courses, memberships, interest groups, networking and hosting. 

Learners can take a single short-course or enrol in a series of ongoing skill practice with support direct from the content creator and educator.

We take a lean approach to learning and encourage learners to choose only what they need for now. As a learner we know you know when it’s time to choose again for what you need.

Our education Leaders benefit from content hosting, product and service design and management and their work being advocated with them.

They also have options for accessing services for ongoing client support.

WE-Being is your online home to combine strengths, skills and satisfy your learning needs. It’s a place and space to practice your work, well-being, and create the lifestyle and legacy you desire.

At WE-Being we are learning together to Connect. Upskill. Evolve.

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We take professional and personal development personally. 

Join our WE-Being community to connect with like-minds in considered conversation.  

Learn from one of our short courses and most-importantly carve out time for your own evolution in work and life. Become your personal and professional potential and combine your work with your well-being. 

Short-courses created consciously for personal & professional growth.

Our focus is on developing skill sets, mindsets & tool sets in the whole-being, click below to browse our courses.

Image with text live without guilt

Live without Guilt by Mel Ryan

More about our colearning options 

Colearning is community plus learning. It’s designed to be interactive with the educator who has created the learning materials, and with your fellow learners who are progressing at their own pace alongside you.

Short Courses

Upskill courses are design to be affordable, on demand access to information that you implement as you work through the materials. 


Study hall meets library with a whole back catalogue from an educator’s body-of-work. 

Interest Groups

Developed to support more focused outcomes for an intimate few as masterminds or the many with masterclasses. 



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Our Philosophy

We’re here for the creators, leaders, supporters, deal makers and make-a-differencers – the professional helpers and fixers of the worldBut there’s one thing we all have in common  

Helping others to solve the challenges they have so they can have, be and do more. 

 We’re all motivated by the same thing. Exchange time, money and energy as effort so that others can get what they need and want. 

But we also know that when we have what we need and want too, it brings more ease with this giving exchange and makes us even more motivated to help more. 

WE-Being is this. 

Our mission is for you to make best use of your integrated education with us to have this exchange process intentionally benefit the beings you’re helping, but also for wider

More about what we offer 

Lifestyle and legacy by design is the by-product of integrating work skill, wellbeing and lifestyle as one. At WE-Being we explore these wayto colearn, connect and evolve together online.  

We host an online community of like-minded but unique individuals who’re all at different stages of building businesses, bodies-of-work and crafting the lifestyle and legacy they want for themselves, their families and their communitiesJoin online now, it’s free! 


We work with Creators to develop skill-based short courses that are integrated with wellbeing practices. These are designed as need specific short courses for personal growth and professional development. Each course is carefully curated by the creator with well-being soft skills and experiences like mindfulness, appreciation or compassion practices interwoven within them. Helping you can take your learning beyond knowledge into skill.  

These Upskill courses are available on our community.  

“We believe that it is possible to make micro changes. When you put these into practice regularly, they add up to significant and profound differences in your wider life.” 

Our philosophy stands on the lived-experience of developing and following what you are strongest in. And creating connections to out-task what you’re not to maintain optimal well-being. Bringing you ease, greater freedom, and opportunity.  


Come along and join the community.  There is no better time to begin. 

Header image credit: the beautiful Lisa Foley