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Leah Kearns is the founder of WE-Being. Leah is a corporate escapee, who completed 14 years as a strategic business consultant before opening her practice as a business and well-being consultant and metaphysical mentor.

WE-Being evolved from Leah’s work and observations of the challenges individuals and business owners faced in their lives, their well-being and their work. She observed that these aspects of our lives are often heavily compartmentalised with the expectation that this will make life easier. Leah observed the opposite to be true – separating out each aspect of our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being from our lives and business perhaps somewhat surprisingly actually makes life more complicated, difficult and ultimately less fulfilling and enjoyable.

A number of common issues that individuals and business owners experienced related to feelings of isolation, comparison and overwhelm.  These feelings were both in relation to a sense of feeling separate from themselves and also separate from their business.


WE-Being aims to holistically support your well-being and your work through understanding your personal and professional development needs. We will teach, coach and mentor you to become the Leader you are here to be.

Through cultivating self, you will create strong inner and outer foundations that are needed for success. Well-being and work are interconnected. Your business growth possible in work is linked to your personal growth and development. Your success in whatever way that looks like for you depends on you being a well-being.

WE-Being is a movement. It is a way of Being. Through conscious awareness, connection and community you will be supported in your wellness journey to become a well-being both individually and as business person.

 WE-Being ::

Is our way to facilitate and support mindful business practices through in-person and digital events for work and well-being growth – in business and in life.

:: WE use a holistic (whole) approach to assist with sustainable business and personal growth.

:: WE create this through appreciating the individual, their unique characteristics, strengths, qualities, values and ideas, and the current constraints of their business challenges.

:: WE believe there is no “one size fits all”.  Through our philosophy of conscious, connected community, you gain the insights you are seeking to grow your business, relationships and yourself.

WE-Being :: Hospitality, Transparency, Reciprocity, Hospitality, Transparency, Reciprocity

WE-Being Team::

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For over 13 years, Kerri-Ann was the heart and soul behind K Events, which specialized in professional development training for psychologists, counsellors and social workers. The knowledge and experience she gained is being put to excellent use as Leah’s right hand woman.

Kerri-Ann is also solo mama to two amazing special needs children. In her spare time, she loves to create, play piano, write and journal, go the gym, drink tea and enjoy a sneaky piece or two of chocolate when her children aren’t watching!

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Alan brings over 10 years of experience in technical systems set up, migration and business improvement. He looks for the best ways to help organisations save time, money and energy. He understands both the challenges faced by start up businesses as they scale up and the singular importance of a centralized repository for all the information relating to the business and its clients.

Alan has a strong passion for self growth and takes pride in being able to mentor and lead others. In the past 12 months he has moved to an organisation whose mission is to help others. This is incredibly important to Alan and drives him to succeed for those who are less fortunate and to enable them to have a voice and an active place in our community.

Starting his career as an engineer he initially thought that problems could be fixed by good solutions. Within a short time, Alan realised the importance of people and the need to support people through change as much as you have to spend time creating a good solution.

This people centered approach has led Alan to tools for assessing people’s innate strengths and working with his team to build these and to really start to grow once we are all orientated to our natural abilities.

Despite work being really busy, a strong awareness of self and an emphasis on wellbeing is helping Alan to succeed. This focus on wellbeing gives Alan an immense passion for life and work. Alan loves being in nature to help ground him and remember what is truly important in life.

Social Enterprise::

WE-Being offers short courses and support for business and well-being, focused on well-being and growth outcomes.

Our ideal client is working women who are self motivated or self responsible in wanting their day-to-day lifestyle to change and for this to have measurable positive impact on her work, her family and her community.

We consider these women peers, colleagues, friends and see them as emerging mentors and leaders in their social circles with their clients, family and communities.

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Testimonials ::

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“WE-Being events are always eye-opening and transformative. Leah holds space beautifully and has amazing experts to take our learnings even further on a particular topic – always relevant both personally and professionally. I highly recommend being a part of the WE-being community and the Know-X events either in person and/or online.” – Claire McFee

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“An amazing webinar a couple of weeks ago which really was so confirming for me as well as jam packed with amazing information – i dont often watch webinars due to length and waffle factor but with Leah’s I had to take notes! I cant wait for the next one in the series…” “just the thought of a webinar by you activates me!” – Heidi Hosking

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“What I value the most from our online community platform is that it allows me to see posts only from people and topics that I am interested in. I absolutely appreciate there is no spam and value the opportunity to connect and share experiences with other likeminded people that are in the same journey of personal, spiritual and business growth” – Beatriz Guevara