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International opera singer, visionary voice coach and best selling author.

About Dominique

Dominique is an internationally acclaimed opera singer, visionary voice coach and best-selling author.  

Dominique has dedicated her work to feminine empowerment through the Ancient Mysteries of the Voice. She is a teacher of voice that gives women freedom, presence and embodiment of their sacred goddess 

I support purpose driven women to move from fear into power and find the Goddess in their voice and story. I stand as a thought leader on the edge of the evolution of the Sacred Feminine re-awakening. 

Our voices are needed. 

Dominique Oyston 

An awarded professional opera singer, Yoga teacher, Steiner teacher, Sound Healer, spiritual healer, dancer, actress, energy worked and advanced Angel intuitive. Dominique’s work has taken her across the world to over 30 countries, with a legacy of impactful, intuitive teachings.  

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Mel Ryan

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See your world differently.

About Mel

Mel helps people see things differently. When you look at something and you can answer why, you can then understand it. When you understand why, then you see this situation in a new light. You start to get your power back. When you have your power, your life begins to make sense. You get to choose what happens next.  

Mel has worked with people for 23 years helping them listen to themselves their whys, and to why their soul is here, and what they are trying to learn. Mel has an incredibly unique way of working which individuals to awaken them to the quest of who they truly are, and why they came to this Earth Mel challenges the limiting Earth rules and expectations and invites one to release everything and anything that holds them back from reaching their fullest soul potential. 

Mel connects people with their inner voice. Mel reminds everyone that each of us are here to listen to and understand themselves. That we can only find our true selves when we stop listening to other people’s rules, and living to please others, and we truly know how to listen to our spark, our buzz, the direction our souls are leading us. 

Mel’s enthusiasm is contagious. Through her amazing ability to help us see clarity and insight into our lives, she invites us to live from a new perspective. Where we are whole, authentic, and unapologetic. Where we stay full of self-loveself-awareness and are able to choose what happens next in our lives instead of just emotionally reacting. We live from place of peace. Where we let our souls be part of our journey on Earth. 

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