Michelle Whitehead

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Lawyer - Contracts that Care

About Michelle

Michelle Whitehead is an Australian lawyer and accredited mediator who provides creative entrepreneurs with the ultimate tools for business self-care. Michelle believes wholeheartedly in the need for education around legal concepts, particularly for creative entrepreneurs who – when faced with paying a lawyer to bore them to death - would rather run the risk of not knowing.

She is enchanted by the fascinating challenge of reinventing traditional legal constructs for the needs of a new paradigm of business, basing them on principles of connection and caring rather than fear and avoidance. She creates contracts that care, demystifies intellectual property, advises on setting brave boundaries, handles conflict with empathy, and provides risk management with a woo woo twist.

She is also an unschooler who can't resist any story that begins "once upon a time."


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Robyn Kyberd

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Founder | Entreprenuer | Digital Marketer - Optimise and Grow Online

About Robyn

Robyn Kyberd is a digital marketer and business development consultant at Optimise and Grow Online, a haven for visionary entrepreneurs and small businesses who seek custom business and marketing strategies to suit their unique business and personality.

Known for her data-driven decision-making, Robyn has a talent for uncovering hidden insights and using them to build connections between your ideas and your customers in ways to amplify your business growth and momentum.
She is also incredibly good at identifying, fixing and automating all the I’m-not-thinking-about-that processes that are costing clients time, energy, and income.

Find her at ​optimiseandgrowonline.com.au​, where you can find new ways to optimise and grow your business.

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Astara Vella

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Heart Centred Beings

About Astara

Astara is passionate about co-creating empowering heart centred experiences to invite people to take a deeper dive into their heart and, connect in with their true essence. 

With her extensive 15 year background in workshop and retreat facilitation, Astara blends her qualifications and experience of:

- Kinesiology 
- Energy Medicine 
- Personal Training 
- Wholistic Counselling 
- Meditation Facilitation 
- Visual Arts 
- Permaculture & Community and Eco Living Design 
- Spirit Circles Ancient Wisdom Circles

….to create wholehearted and uplifting one-on-one and group experiences both, in person and online. 

Astara is a co-author of a collaborative published book titled ‘Spiritual Conversations’ and endeavors to share other video, audio and written resources online across a variety of platforms including WE-Being. 

Astara tours around Australia and internationally to share in workshops and retreats to enhance the living experience of people by inviting deeper connections to their hearts through creativity, community and the land. 

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Mandy Siegel

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Voice Coach and Trainer - Speaking with Confidence



Mandy’s purpose is to inspire women to speak from the heart, spread their message with joy and confidence and grow their career and business by being authentically YOU!

Mandy is a holistic and super creative being. As a singer, performer and presenter with extensive experience in Human Resources, Life Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy she is fully equipped with a tonne of knowledge and life experience to help you find your true voice from the inside out.

She is convinced that when people speak their true voice and “Sing” in their lives - both literally and metaphorically - they ‘light up’ and in turn ‘light up’ others. That is how she facilitates change in the world.

Never before has there been a better time for you to be your true self and SHINE!

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weConnect :: business + well-being 9 October 2019 Melbourne

Date :: Wednesday 9th October, 2019
Time :: 10 am to 12pm with an optional additional hour coworking if you’re interested to 1pm
The Venue :: Private Venue in Donvale
Price:: $33 or $27 if you’re a community member – refer event link inside community for discount coupon!
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weConnect is local in-person connection for women in business experiencing personal and professional growth.

We’re about like-minded connected conversations.

When we get together we focus on our well-being and what comes from getting together to support each other in our local and online businesses and communities.


+ talk business and life,
+ share what we’re experiencing and how we’re resolving it,
+ experience a couple of hours of calm, caring and connective time just for us, and
+ have an opportunity to stay on and cowork for another hour if we wish

Tickets :: $33
[$27 if you’re a member of community.WE-Being’s #wecowork]
Date :: Wednesday 9th October
Time :: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
The Venue :: Private Venue in Donvale
*10 am to 12pm with an optional additional hour coworking if you’re interested to 1pm
Book Now


The exact location will be emailed to you on booking confirmation.
Parking is available at the location.
A recent participant said weConnect’s “in person catch up was so nourishing, especially with like-minded folk. I’ll be back to connect again soon!”

We hope you can join us as weConnect in October.


More about the session and us…
At our Melbourne session, our WE-Being host is from Orchestrate parenting Hub with Marilou Coombe, who will be on-hand to take away that awkward networky feel.
We also provide some yummy snacks and a range of delicious teas to help you settle in as well.
At WE-Being we’re becoming well-beings through work + community. We support individuals and workplaces in business with professional development through satisfying personal need. We provide on-demand short courses, group events, 1:1 sessions and encourage experimenting + measuring well-being change.
Please note:
weConnect is an introvert friendly and highly sensitive person mindful event and is also a safe and confidential space for you to share your genius.

In booking this event, you agree to photos and video being taken at the event with you present. We may use this footage or images in future marketing. Please contact our host if this is an issue for you.

This is a conscious session with Orchestrate parenting Hub with Marilou Coombe.

Marilou Coombe

Marilou is a coach, mentor, author, yoga teacher and passionate about all aspects of life. With a Bachelor in Social Science, Certificate IV in training, and coaching training including NLP, she is passionate about helping children and families live a highly purposeful life. She is also the founder of Orchestrate Parenting Hub.

Focusing on working with children and instilling empowering mindsets from early on in life, her mission is to empower them to have a strong self-belief stemming from their core to achieve anything they set out to do. and to be someone in their life that they can reach out to, without receiving any criticism or judgement.

She loves and is driven by connection: to self and to others! She weaves yoga, meditation and all of her life experience into her work to create magic for children! Marilou also has 2 children herself.

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