Marianna Agostino

Conscious Wealth Creator.

Marianna Agostino is a Chartered Accountant and the Founder of Conscious Wealth Creation. She graduated from UTS with a B MathFin & BA Int Stud and went on to obtain a Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting. She has worked as an accountant for the past 15 years and after 8 years in the corporate world, she left to open her own practice. 

Her own entrepreneurial journey led her to develop an offering that meets the growing need of individuals and fellow business owners, to take control of their financial destinies and craft lives for themselves that are more about quality and balance than chasing profits for their own sake. 

 Her company mission is to break the mould and do tax and accounting differently, to help the most people, purposefully. 

My vision for my clients is the same as my vision for myself -- to be operating businesses that bring me joy and nourishment intellectually, financially and spiritually.

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Clare Bedford

Clare Bedford

The storyteller.

Clare's passion is holding space for others to connect deeper to themselves.

Through her 10 years as a photographer, Clare found herself needing to learn to see, honour and reclaim her physical self as she was exploring her higher consciousness.

Throughout this awareness she has ventured deep into personal development, studied reiki and expanded perspectives through podcasting women across the globe.

My passion is holding space for others to connect deeper to themselves.

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Joy Truscott

Photo of Joy at the beach smiling with light radiating

Deeply understand your Life Purpose.

About Joy

As a Clinical Counsellor MSW, Integrative Energy Therapist, Trauma Release Specialist and Teacher, Joy works with energy psychology and Guided Intuition to uplift, teach and guide clients towards a deeper understanding of their Life Purpose and facilitate the release of embedded trauma and patterns that no longer serve us. 

Joy's Mission

For many of us we move through this life journey unaware of a powerful system that is ours to tap into.  We have an inner resource that serves to guide us, inform us and assist us in our day-to-day and moment-to-moment experiences. Learning how to access this inner genius and understand the signals that our energy system relays to us seems to make more sense now than ever before.  Facing endless decisions every day while being bombarded by the media and the pressure to achieve and perform in a certain way, we find ourselves overwhelmed and exhausted. We release our power to choose and self determine for ease and convenience.  

As we begin to align our thoughts, dreams and perceptions we begin to gain clarity about our life and the unique journey that only we can fulfill. We take back control of our destiny as we seek to choose the life path that is more fulfilling and true to who we are. We can reclaim our life and begin to choose from a clear, awakened state of Being. 

Joy sees it as her absolute privilege and life calling to walk beside those who wish to rediscover their authentic Being. As an Energy Healing Practitioner, Clinical Counselor and Transformational Guide, she has worked in this field for many decades, this is her Divine Life Purpose. She offer workshops, individual sessions, group sessions and resources to facilitate rapid learning while being fully supported through each step.   

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Lisa Foley

Lisa Foley is an award-winning, professional artist living in Melbourne, Australia. She has specialised in murals and public art since 2007 but works across various visual mediums, creating pieces large and small from her studio in the outer north east of Melbourne.

Lisa kindly gifted us at WE-Being the beautiful header image which you now see for our site which fits so nicely with our mission of supporting Whole Evolving - Beings

Lisa is also a qualified Holistic Counsellor. She has a special affinity for counselling creative types and draws on her experience as an artist, writer and aromatherapy maker to inform her professional practice. She works with artists, actors, screen writers, comedians, photographers, teachers, project managers, designers and CEOs. No matter which field of expertise you are in, Lisa can offer heart-felt support for your creative expression and expansion.

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Mel Ryan

Headshot of Mel Ryan

See your world differently.

About Mel

Mel helps people see things differently. When you look at something and you can answer why, you can then understand it. When you understand why, then you see this situation in a new light. You start to get your power back. When you have your power, your life begins to make sense. You get to choose what happens next.  

Mel has worked with people for 23 years helping them listen to themselves their whys, and to why their soul is here, and what they are trying to learn. Mel has an incredibly unique way of working which individuals to awaken them to the quest of who they truly are, and why they came to this Earth Mel challenges the limiting Earth rules and expectations and invites one to release everything and anything that holds them back from reaching their fullest soul potential. 

Mel connects people with their inner voice. Mel reminds everyone that each of us are here to listen to and understand themselves. That we can only find our true selves when we stop listening to other people’s rules, and living to please others, and we truly know how to listen to our spark, our buzz, the direction our souls are leading us. 

Mel’s enthusiasm is contagious. Through her amazing ability to help us see clarity and insight into our lives, she invites us to live from a new perspective. Where we are whole, authentic, and unapologetic. Where we stay full of self-loveself-awareness and are able to choose what happens next in our lives instead of just emotionally reacting. We live from place of peace. Where we let our souls be part of our journey on Earth. 

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Dominique Oyston

Headshot of Dominique

International opera singer, visionary voice coach and best selling author.

About Dominique

Dominique is an internationally acclaimed opera singer, visionary voice coach and best-selling author.  

Dominique has dedicated her work to feminine empowerment through the Ancient Mysteries of the Voice. She is a teacher of voice that gives women freedom, presence and embodiment of their sacred goddess 

I support purpose driven women to move from fear into power and find the Goddess in their voice and story. I stand as a thought leader on the edge of the evolution of the Sacred Feminine re-awakening. 

Our voices are needed. 

Dominique Oyston 

An awarded professional opera singer, Yoga teacher, Steiner teacher, Sound Healer, spiritual healer, dancer, actress, energy worked and advanced Angel intuitive. Dominique’s work has taken her across the world to over 30 countries, with a legacy of impactful, intuitive teachings.  

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Suzanne Culberg

Weightloss and Mindset Coach

About Suzanne

Suzanne is passionate about supporting women holistically in their weight journey. With an approach to weight loss that challenges traditional methods, Suzanne draws on her own personal experience and mindset practices 

A weight journey that has seen her release 78kg since 2015 after changing her emotional blocks to weight lossBecause, your physical is simply a by-product of what’s going on internally.   

Many of us desire lifelong changes to the way we eat and move, however we cycle through patterns of dieting and overeating. 

Suzanne has overcome this cycle, personally going from 150kg to maintaining the health 78kg she is now Suzanne’s great passion is helping people escape this cycle by understanding that it isn’t about looking for an external solution, it’s about consistently taking imperfect action. 

She is the weight loss coach who doesn't do weigh ins!  

Suzanne knows that no single approach is right for every individual and so she uses a mix of modalities including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnosis, timeline therapy and energy medicine to create lasting shifts in mindset that ultimately create the change her clients want to see in their body. She is known for her authentic inspiration that not only breaks cycles of sabotage but, also gives you the accountability to create lasting change 

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Alan Kearns

headshot: Alan Kearns

Director | Leader | Business Partner | Business Improvement Expert

About Alan

Alan brings over 10 years of experience in technical systems set up, migration and business improvement. He looks for the best ways to help organisations save time, money and energy. He understands both the challenges faced by start up businesses as they scale up and the singular importance of a centralized repository for all the information relating to the business and its clients.


Alan has a strong passion for self growth and takes pride in being able to mentor and lead others. In the past 12 months he has moved to an organisation whose mission is to help others. This is incredibly important to Alan and drives him to succeed for those who are less fortunate and to enable them to have a voice and an active place in our community.


Starting his career as an engineer he initially thought that problems could be fixed by good solutions alone. Within a short time, Alan realised the importance of people and the need to support people through change as much as you have to spend time creating a good solution.
This people centered approach has led Alan to tools for assessing people’s innate strengths and working with his team to build these and to really start to grow once we are all orientated to our natural abilities.
Despite work being really busy, a strong awareness of self and an emphasis on wellbeing is helping Alan to succeed. This focus on wellbeing gives Alan an immense passion for life and work. Alan loves being in nature to help ground him and remember what is truly important in life.


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Astara Vella

Astara Headshot

Heart Centred Beings

About Astara

Astara is passionate about co-creating empowering heart centred experiences to invite people to take a deeper dive into their heart and, connect in with their true essence. 

With her extensive 15 year background in workshop and retreat facilitation, Astara blends her qualifications and experience of:

- Kinesiology 
- Energy Medicine 
- Personal Training 
- Wholistic Counselling 
- Meditation Facilitation 
- Visual Arts 
- Permaculture & Community and Eco Living Design 
- Spirit Circles Ancient Wisdom Circles

….to create wholehearted and uplifting one-on-one and group experiences both, in person and online. 

Astara is a co-author of a collaborative published book titled ‘Spiritual Conversations’ and endeavors to share other video, audio and written resources online across a variety of platforms including WE-Being. 

Astara tours around Australia and internationally to share in workshops and retreats to enhance the living experience of people by inviting deeper connections to their hearts through creativity, community and the land. 

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Mandy Siegel

Mandy Siegel headshot

Voice Coach and Trainer - Speaking with Confidence



Mandy’s purpose is to inspire women to speak from the heart, spread their message with joy and confidence and grow their career and business by being authentically YOU!

Mandy is a holistic and super creative being. As a singer, performer and presenter with extensive experience in Human Resources, Life Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy she is fully equipped with a tonne of knowledge and life experience to help you find your true voice from the inside out.

She is convinced that when people speak their true voice and “Sing” in their lives - both literally and metaphorically - they ‘light up’ and in turn ‘light up’ others. That is how she facilitates change in the world.

Never before has there been a better time for you to be your true self and SHINE!

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