Creating Containers for your Creations

Creating Containers for your Creations is a practical workshop for emerging Creators offering whole being practices, energetic understanding and practical steps in taking your idea or project forward as well as the best chance possible for it to ‘grow up’.

The challenge that comes when you are being called to create something new that has or is coming in as pure consciousness is that at the same time you’re holding it to allow matter to create form, you’re also trusting that you’ll receive the steps that actually follow that initial thought, idea, concept or download. Cause you know this single seed of a thing has the potential become someone’s utopian garden.

Holding these precious seeds and allowing them to have space to be nurtured and grow them up to blossom, bloom and bear fruit from your gentle cultivation and tender touch is an artform and a science.

In this session we will explore what you can do as purposeful and intentional action to help your seeds sprout, open you to the opportunity they are asking you to become and create reciprocity with you by honouring what they want to be.

This session includes knowledge and discussion on –
Knowing when it’s time to move the seed from the nursery to the pruning shed and begin to cultivate the many.
Clearly seeing and articulating the creation as a product for purchase through the foliage of features.
Helping the market to see the fully grown tree when all that’s there is a pot of possibility.

So bring your seeds, seedling and saplings (your ideas, concepts or potential projects) as your partners in creation as we go through the possibilities of the containers you can tend to your seedlings in, in order to receive the fruits that they come to you with and are currently unseen in their bearing.