Upskill Launch week – We’re GOING LIVE!!!

🎉 Meet our 4th Wave of Upskill Course Creators! 👏💖

It’s Launch Week for our Creators’ Modules!
Join us for our Interview Series 4 with our latest Creators!
Agenda for Launch Week below!
Facebook Live Launch and Interviews with our Creators…
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Launch Week Agenda

Launch LIVE – Tue 6th October ~ All times are AEST : Sydney/Melbourne

9am ~ Live for 5 mins :: Our Why and Why Upskill
11am ~ Live for 5 mins :: Our Courses, Our Creators and their experiences.
3pm ~ Live for 5 mins :: Q+A and Our Special Launch Offer
Daily Lunchtime Learning Interview Series – 1pm – 1:20pm
Streamed live here daily on our Facebook page

Creator Illuminate Interview Sessions

Tues 6/10: Suzanne Culberg ~ Lean Biz Startup, Startup lean and keep them keen.
Wed 7/10: Mel Ryan ~ Live Without Self Judgement, Remove judgement from your life, judgement free.
Thur 8/10: Joy Truscott ~ In Honour of Life, Claim your new life contract.
Fri 9/10: Michelle Whitehead ~ Business Legals 101, Start legal with Sovereign legals for leaders.
Mon 12/10: Nicole Ashton-Brooks ~ Creating your sensory brand for connection
Tue 13/10: Clare Bedford ~Your Worthy Body
Wed 14/10: Leah Kearns ~ Design your Business to Fit your Life, The Macro Business Model™ life
Wed 14/10 2pm: Completion Celebration with Creators 🎉👏

About WE-Being

WE-Being is a colearning platform for skill seekers, creators, creatives & leaders; with Upskill short-courses created consciously for personal & professional growth our focus is on developing skill sets, mindsets & tool sets in the whole-being. Access our on demand topic specific courses on our online community!

About Upskill

Upskill is colearning for professional development and personal growth skills.
Our Upskill short courses cover a variety of business, leadership, creator and practical work related how-to skill based topics. They create vitality and well-being in all areas of life as you implement your new skills while you take your chosen course, and beyond.
Skill seekers that take our uniquely designed courses experience life as becoming well-being’s in taking responsibility for their work, relationships, connection to themselves and their life’s work by fulfilling their skill based learning need.
Through our whole being process, the knowledge and wisdom in each module baked in by our Creators. Skill seekers are supported as they access their learning materials in a community setting and we get behind every skill seeker with follow-up support. We are learning together.
Be inspired by our Creators who share their valuable and evidence-based experience for work + well-being ::