Joy Truscott

Deeply understand your Life Purpose.

About Joy

As a Clinical Counsellor MSW, Integrative Energy Therapist, Trauma Release Specialist and Teacher, Joy works with energy psychology and Guided Intuition to uplift, teach and guide clients towards a deeper understanding of their Life Purpose and facilitate the release of embedded trauma and patterns that no longer serve us. 

Joy's Mission

For many of us we move through this life journey unaware of a powerful system that is ours to tap into.  We have an inner resource that serves to guide us, inform us and assist us in our day-to-day and moment-to-moment experiences. Learning how to access this inner genius and understand the signals that our energy system relays to us seems to make more sense now than ever before.  Facing endless decisions every day while being bombarded by the media and the pressure to achieve and perform in a certain way, we find ourselves overwhelmed and exhausted. We release our power to choose and self determine for ease and convenience.  

As we begin to align our thoughts, dreams and perceptions we begin to gain clarity about our life and the unique journey that only we can fulfill. We take back control of our destiny as we seek to choose the life path that is more fulfilling and true to who we are. We can reclaim our life and begin to choose from a clear, awakened state of Being. 

Joy sees it as her absolute privilege and life calling to walk beside those who wish to rediscover their authentic Being. As an Energy Healing Practitioner, Clinical Counselor and Transformational Guide, she has worked in this field for many decades, this is her Divine Life Purpose. She offer workshops, individual sessions, group sessions and resources to facilitate rapid learning while being fully supported through each step.   

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