Leah Kearns

Founder + Conscious CEO WE-Being


As the Founder and Conscious CEO of WE-Being and in being a corporate escapee, Leah understands first hand that doing #allthethings gets you walking the bridge to burn out.

As a futurist by nature Leah set about to forge a new way of work. One where it combined the aspects of work + well-being and no longer perpetuated separation between the two.

Upskill is the supportive learning platform and community space that has come about through Leah's experience of being a business and well-being consultant building an agency of well-being at it's core. It's what Leah wished she had to support her when she began building WE-Being.

WE-Being supports awakening and woke emerging leaders and mentors in business to grow, scale and thrive with their clients and in their business experiences by providing professional development wrapped up in personal need.

We offer this through an online community, on-demand course modules that combine skills with implementation and well-being practices and we also offer in person connection events.


Leah's mentoring body-of-work is as a work + well-being consultant.
With her practical experience and background coming from having spent 14 years in corporate, culminating her career as a strategic business consultant escapee in 2014. Leah then went on to start her own private consulting practice and consolidated her experience holistically as a Metaphysical Business Architect, Mentor & Advisor.
Leah helps people to design and implement their business, to suit them and live their life from start-up to scale-up succeeding with whatever your sense of satisfaction is.

Leah scaled down big business methods for solo and small business, to help her clients experience fulfillment and freedom in business.

Her methods came out of her experience with "what I do" being the catalyst and helped Leah strip down her identity of "who I was" to see the soul as "who I really am", her true self. It changed her life exponentially and helps her grow, expand and amplify in all areas of her life.
These days she creates time for contemplation and consciousness channelling, assisting to create shifts in the evolution of humanity through awareness, connection and community and helping others to be and become the same.
Leah loves spending time with her young child and her husband out in nature, enjoying the botanical gardens, beach or just a stroll down the local street.
If you're interested to know what a metaphysician is, here's her take on it.


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