Suzanne Culberg

Weightloss and Mindset Coach

About Suzanne

Suzanne is passionate about supporting women holistically in their weight journey. With an approach to weight loss that challenges traditional methods, Suzanne draws on her own personal experience and mindset practices 

A weight journey that has seen her release 78kg since 2015 after changing her emotional blocks to weight lossBecause, your physical is simply a by-product of what’s going on internally.   

Many of us desire lifelong changes to the way we eat and move, however we cycle through patterns of dieting and overeating. 

Suzanne has overcome this cycle, personally going from 150kg to maintaining the health 78kg she is now Suzanne’s great passion is helping people escape this cycle by understanding that it isn’t about looking for an external solution, it’s about consistently taking imperfect action. 

She is the weight loss coach who doesn't do weigh ins!  

Suzanne knows that no single approach is right for every individual and so she uses a mix of modalities including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnosis, timeline therapy and energy medicine to create lasting shifts in mindset that ultimately create the change her clients want to see in their body. She is known for her authentic inspiration that not only breaks cycles of sabotage but, also gives you the accountability to create lasting change 

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