How do we help you?

We support your well-being and work through providing professional development which is wrapped in personal need. We believe that our well-being and our work success are interconnected. Being a well-being will lead to greater life enjoyment, ease, joy and success – however those look for you.

Our short courses are carefully selected and designed with a commitment to enhancing and improving both your well-being and your work. Whether that’s in your own business or in a workplace.

* Teaching – self-accessible short courses

* Coaching – group workshops and events

* Mentoring – 1:1 challenge resolution

* Leading – applying and embodying in considered, insightful, thoughtful and purposeful actions

Our Mission

As a social enterprise our mission is to support 147,000 people through their work to become well-beings by Dec 2022.

  • We aim to create a positive ripple effect through work and communities as a result of individuals being well-beings.
  • Reducing burnout and stress has positive and measurable impacts on work, families and our communities.
  • Improved well-being increases productivity, connection and overall individual satisfaction and vitality.
  • Experiencing a sense of ease and enjoyment as the day-to-day experience in our work and personal life and our wider community.
  • This all leads to positive social, economic, health and environmental impacts.

We need you, your skills and experience to help realise this mission with us.