Our Philosophy

We believe that people around the world are waking up to the realisation that how it’s always been in work, life and business is not the way it has to be.  

Our Philosophy is bedded in the idea that you can work with well-being, you can work consciously, you can follow your dreams and be successful (whatever that success means for you).  

We whole heartedly believe that growth in self is just the beginning for you. That the development of your skills will give you access to energy and the lifestyle you want for yourself.  

That consciously carving out time for you, is the beginning of your self-evolution.  


This is why we’ve created: 

  • Aonline community for LikeMinds to connect, upskill and evolve 
  • Upskill short courses where you can develop your skillset, mindset and toolsets in life, business and career 
  • Course Creator program where Creators, Makers and Leaders can share their knowledge and lived-experience 
  • The Project.Impact group where Creators, Entrepreneurs and method makers can make progress on the projects present for them at this time 

All of this with Well-being, conscious practices interweaved so that you can truly embody the changes, learnings and connections with ease.  


We say it’s possible to: 

  • build a business without the #hustle mentality 
  • create the life you want without the stress 
  • learn without forgetting everything the minute you move on 
  • connect with others, just like you 

Do you want in? Join now! 

Join the WE-Being community to connect with likeminds, learn with one of our short courses and most-importantly to carve our time for your own self evolution in life and work.  

Our Mission 

As a social enterprise our mission is to support 147,000 women to be working with well-being by Dec 2022. 

  • We aim to create a positive ripple effect through work and communities as a result of individuals being well-beings. 
  • Reducing burnout and stress has positive and measurable impacts on work, families and our communities. 
  • Improved well-being increases productivity, connection and overall individual satisfaction and vitality. 
  • Experiencing a sense of ease and enjoyment as the day-to-day experience in our work and personal life and our wider community. 
  • This all leads to positive social, economic, health and environmental impacts. 

We need you, your skills and experience to help realise this mission with us. 



Is our way to facilitate and support mindful business practices through in-person and digital events for work and well-being growth – in business and in life. 

:: WE use a holistic (whole) approach to assist with sustainable business and personal growth. 

:: WE create this through appreciating the individual, their unique characteristics, strengths, qualities, values and ideas, and the current constraints of their business challenges. 

:: WE believe there is no “one size fits all”.  Through our philosophy of conscious, connected community, you gain the insights you are seeking to grow your business, relationships and yourself.