Sphere of Reciprocity™


The Sphere of Reciprocity™ exists to :

~ recognise value exchange between advocates, each other and us;

~ to compensate time, money and effort given with the WE-Being container.

Sphere of Reciprocity™ is :

~ enabling reward for effort,

~ a system of remuneration and framework of support with ease,

~ for people who share about WE-Being and our colearning ecosystem of conscious businesses leading the evolution of working with well-being,

~ an energetic field of evolving potentiality.


As a participant, you advocate for the new way of work which is:

~ strong, conscious, connected relationships creating reciprocitious community,

~ working with well-being : for self and home, work and surrounds and wider impact,

~ colearning - learning, growing and evolving together.


Reciprocity Possibilities

With up to the monetary reciprocity value % shown, as well as other forms of reciprocal services below when your unique link is used -



Private connection group

Business directory listing

Discounted services

Space Holder


Private connection group

Business directory listing

Discounted services

Conscious coworking access



Private connection group

Business directory listing

Discounted services

Conscious coworking access

Tracked client referral 1:1 session commission

Monthly reciprocity 'Peermind™' roundtable

Synchronised Media™ launches

Client Centric Shared Care sessions filing system

Who is...

A Leader - is a natural born connector.

They are the lights that direct, connect and thought lead in their fields of knowledge and wisdom. They stand up, share their thoughts and shine online with their work and we want to recognise and reward the trust they have invested with us in being a part of our conscious ecosystem. Commencement as a Leader with us is by application and interview.

You can find the application form here: https://yay.we-being.com/applyreciprocity.


A Space Holder - is an in-residence mentor.

They are the makers who are foundational presences in our colearning community. They either hold a membership, group program, or offer a subscription service to their community which is hosted by us as one of our ‘Groups’ in community. Space Holders love to support others and we love to support their efforts and help add ease and value to their work.

Enrolment as a Space Holder is by invitation only.


A Creator - is a featured mentor.

They are called to evolve with us and assemble their business or life skills, experience and wisdom as a short-course for others to colearn from. They have a long-term committed relationship with us and live into our philosophies of merging work and well-being for the whole evolving being and learning together.

Enrolment as a Creator to the Sphere of Reciprocity™ is by invitation only through the Course Creator process.

Interested to Join Us?

We'd love to welcome you in joining us in the Sphere of Reciprocity™ as an advocate of well-being, lifestyle with ease and work that creates reciprocity. We're be excited to have you as part of our reciprocity circles.

Take the next step as a:

  • Creator - enrol in our next Course Creator Immersion to create, host, market and sell your skill based short-course with us by your side. 🎉
  • Space Holder - express your interest to host your group membership, program or collaboration event with us. 🎉
  • Leader - know someone within the Sphere? Reach out to them for an invitation, or simply send Rosie our concierge the word 'soar' to get access to a link to apply.


Q. Is this an affiliate, or referral program?

A. No. It is far more than that. The Sphere of Reciprocity™ is a system created to support the conscious exchange of value. We are starting with the currencies of money, time and energy as effort. We have a roadmap of features we are working toward releasing with our active Creators, Space Holders and Leaders in the coming months.

Q. Is this about passive income?

A. It is certainly about income and creating an additional stream of income for yourself. But it is not passive. We are the first to admit that we have created this system to allow you to experience what being in business and life with ease can be for you. However, we will still require some effort and commitment on your behalf depending on your stage of commitment in our relationship together.

Q.  Can I find out more information before I apply?

A. Sure! If you have a specific question in mind, send Rosie our concierge a message. Otherwise, if you just want to get a feel for the way things are with us, jump over to our colearning community platform and take a look around. We'll have a warm welcome waiting for you.

Q. Which of your products or services do you offer reciprocity on?

A. We currently offer reciprocity on our Upskill short-courses and our Course Creator Immersion (full-priced only). We have more services launching aligned with our roadmap in the coming months.