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Heart Centred Beings

About Astara

Astara is passionate about co-creating empowering heart centred experiences to invite people to take a deeper dive into their heart and, connect in with their true essence. 

With her extensive 15 year background in workshop and retreat facilitation, Astara blends her qualifications and experience of:

- Kinesiology 
- Energy Medicine 
- Personal Training 
- Wholistic Counselling 
- Meditation Facilitation 
- Visual Arts 
- Permaculture & Community and Eco Living Design 
- Spirit Circles Ancient Wisdom Circles

….to create wholehearted and uplifting one-on-one and group experiences both, in person and online. 

Astara is a co-author of a collaborative published book titled ‘Spiritual Conversations’ and endeavors to share other video, audio and written resources online across a variety of platforms including WE-Being. 

Astara tours around Australia and internationally to share in workshops and retreats to enhance the living experience of people by inviting deeper connections to their hearts through creativity, community and the land. 

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