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Grow your business in 2020 by creating and publishing your body of work. Create a course that enhances your business and your reputation and earns you money 24×7!

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Valid for 12 months – select the best digital retreat date for you


Create and launch your hosted course with ease.

You are unique

✨ You have wisdom that can help people transform their life, business, work, health.

✨ Contribution is important to you. You live to create positive impact.

✨ You really want to get your work out there as a course. 

✨ You are a creative at heart. Dealing with the tech, the setup, the launch is not your idea of a good time.

✨ There are skill seekers waiting in limbo for what you know and how you came to understand it.

✨ When you talk, people listen. When you share, people are inspired.Your audience crave what you have and all that you are! Let us help you reach and teach them.

Creating an upskill course helps YOU

Create a Course with Ease

We help you to get your course designed, developed and done easily and quickly so that you can complete within your busy schedule.



Complete with Confidence

Because we help you every step of the way, you produce skill-based learning content that is clear, practical and bite sized which your clients will love.

Hosted for You

We take care of your course tech hosting, delivery and support, sales page and marketing kit. This saves you effort and instead allows you to spend more time focusing on and growing your zone of genius

Launch with Magnitude

Connect directly with skill seekers. Our ongoing community manager directly supports your course customers so that they get a great experience without you needing to do anything


Skill seekers are stuck in their journey and are calling out for your wisdom and skill.

Now’s your chance to offer them your course!

You get to be there for them in the way you wished others had offered to you.

Here’s how we make it possible to get your course completed and being taken by skill seekers

What Creators are saying about being an Upskill Course Creator

It’s a dream come true. Such a magnificent community and amazing opportunity to share our gold in a win win win scenario. I love being a Creator with WE-Being #Upskill and the team have helped me birth 2 modules!!!!

It’s a dream come true for me as my skills are in other areas from the tech digital space. If this is calling you I highly recommend you GO FOR IT 😊💜💙💚 nothing to loose everything to gain and you live your highest purpose of connecting with and helping people. Thanks Leah Kearns and our amazing community xxx”.

-Mandy Siegel, Voice Coach and Trainer – Speaking with Confidence

“I am working on my course for my role as a WE-Being Creator today – this is the real deal, folksLeah and her team are absolutely committed to best practice, quality content, supporting their course creators AND consumers, and providing a revolutionary new platform capable of changing the business world.

With Leah’s corporate and tech background combined with her intuition and spiritual practice, she is ideally placed to deliver on her promises. This Creator Course will make your course better than you ever dreamed on your own.

I came in with a plain and slightly boring idea for a course on contracts and client communication, and with Leah‘s guidance, her ability to recognise gold through the dirt, and her knowledge of what her community truly needs, I am creating a course that uses legal foundations to heal the trauma of broken boundaries, making business safer on every level. It’s incredibly exciting  Imagine what you could create?”

-Michelle Whitehead, Lawyer and Founder of Sovereign Legals for Leaders

“I feel so honoured, inspired and appreciative to be a part of the WE-Being team!

-Astara Vella, Facilitator and Founder of Heart Centred Beings

You want to create a course and you…

  • Have your course idea and just want to get it out there
  • Don’t want to manage the tech to setup and manage a course
  • Want a professional looking and fully managed course that represents you and your values
  • Want accountability and reliability with help on your side to get your course created and then, when it’s out there being promoted, purchased and delivered
  • Don’t want to pay large upfront or ongoing fees to do it yourself

Breathe out with a deep sigh of relief – we’re here to do it all with you!

Our 5 step ‘Create with Ease‘ process

How the creator course works

Week 1 – Prepare your Presence

  • Prepare what you need to make time, space and gather your thoughts. Add the 4 online course development dates to your diary (if you have not done so yet)
  • Get access to our Upskill Course creator module which not only will guide you through the detailed process at your pace, but will also help you see what your final product will look like
  • Gather materials like your bio and a headshot and review the course hosting terms

Week 2 – Map your Module Live

  • Join our first development day to learn about what is coming ahead, spend time reflecting on you, and how you best work with your customers. Using this will help you to become really specific about your course.
  • Make your module outline featuring your skill, knowledge, wisdom and practical exercises.

Week 3 – Develop your Course Foundations

  • Continue developing your course in our conscious space where we support your well-being and personal growth, checking in for group and peer support when you need it. We make sure that you sail through the tricky bits gracefully!
  • Receive your media kit from us – social media graphics, newsletter copy, live launch event for your review.

Week 4 – Create and Produce your Course

  • Cowork and Check-in while you’re completing the creation of your course content which includes videos and lessons.
  • Submit it all to us, and we then get busy publishing your unique course, setting up the Sales page and lots of other bits to tie your course together in the background.
  • Review your media kit and course content with our team to make sure it’s all ready to go

Launch – Share, Celebrate and Advocate

  • We set a specific launch week which we then build up to with marketing content and then have targeted marketing throughout the first week and beyond to really launch your course with success. We know how valuable your course can be to our audiences so we make sure we get the message out loud and clear!
  • For launch week we Interview you for our Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Youtube Premiere which really helps to promote you and your course.

How our course hosting works


  • To save you from large upfront and ongoing tech fees, we retain a % of each course sold.
  • Our % includes technology hosting, maintenance, payment fees, dedicated community course manager, marketing and administration.
  • We know that a % per transaction fee is the best approach because it not only keeps your costs down, it incentivises us to make sure your course meets your needs.

Unique support when a customer buys a course

  • For each person who buys your course, they get a nurture sequence to help them to get the most from the course. We also give them options to get support when they need it so you can know that your Brand and work is being upheld. Our community hosting platform also gives them a safe place to share and get advice from others who are progressing through your course, or just simply experienced as a community of like minded individuals.

Administering your Course

  • We keep you notified when your course has been sold and provide you with monthly snapshots so that you can see how many participants have enrolled and how much you have earned.

Hosting Technology

  • We host your course and make sure that all of the technology works for you – you don’t need to worry. We are currently using Mighty Networks to host courses. This platform is intuitive to use, has a dedicated mobile app, easy to navigate and we love it because it centres around community based support. We also host your sales page and manage secure payments on your behalf. Finally we manage email communications to course participants to encourage them to complete the course, rather than neglect them after purchasing.
  • This means that your course is hosted on a platform branded as WE-Being. We do however brand your course so that it easily identifies you and refers you in all communications.
  • We know it’s difficult managing complex integrated technology, so we do all the hard work for you.

Support inclusions

Program support

Group and on the spot Mentoring with Head of Creation – Leah Kearns

–       as Live Creator Sessions

–       3 days of 2x 2h coworking blocks

20 minute 1:1 course check-in

30 minute 1:1 course review to make sure you’re happy with everything before we go live

Launch – product page, planning, scheduling, amplify with others

Interview – Podcast and Youtube Premiere

Peer Support Group with other course creators, option to buddy-up

Ongoing support

Marketing Assets

Access to Social Media Scheduling Tool

Community Manager

Project.Impact 12 months of weekly coworking

Sphere of Reciprocity™ – opportunity to increase your revenue by sharing recommended courses via your community

Our Creators Used the Course Creators Curriculum to

build their own courses for WE-Being’s Upskill like:

Start Date

23rd November 2020

The Upskill Course Creator immersion runs for approximately 6-7 weeks

Course Creator Investment Options

Creator Early-bird

Buy Course Creator Access


All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.

Early-bird expires 21 days prior, or when sold out.

Creator Access

Buy Course Creator Access


Payment Plans available on request

All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.

Available up until the start date

Creator VIP



Payment Plans available on request

All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.

+ 1x 60 min 1:1 Course Creator Planning Session with WE-Being’s Founder + Conscious CEO Leah Kearns.

+ Access to Creating Your Body-of-Work Module by Leah Kearns.

+ 5 WhatsApp voice message check-in’s support with Leah Kearns.

Ready to Create

Creator, I just want you to know that I’ve been there too. As the Founder and Head Creator at WE-Being I’ve felt the overwhelm, the isolation, and the comparison that comes up when you’re creating and launching an unique part of you and your experience into the world that is part of your body-of-work.


So I want to ask you, do you want to keep struggling with technology, plodding away at creating day after day by yourself and watching the weeks and months tick by, feeling frustrated that this was going to be your year you created your course because you’re doing it alone and getting stuck…


Would you like to join the WE and create your course with ease in just 3 supportive and practical purposeful action filled weeks?


– Leah Kearns, Founder + Conscious CEO WE-Being

Our Mission

We are working to meet our social mission to support 147,000 women to work with well-being by 22 December 2022 and we need your help to do that.

Without your work being released with us through our learning and support platform Upskill, it just won’t be possible.

There’s no hidden agenda and no sneaky fees because a key value in our relationship is transparency.

Want to have a Chat?

Are you wondering how this might work for your work? Or maybe you’d like to get an idea of what our learning and support methodology entails so you can see how what you have already could be repurposed or tweaked to meet our working with well-being framework for your clients with us.

Book a chat by clicking the button below and speak with our Founder about the ways we can help you become a Course Creator with us.

Next Retreat Key Dates

Our Digital Retreat is designed to be focused and deliver your course with ease in the quickest time possible (3 weeks), so you can release it out into the world and get on with doing what you do best – showing up in all your brilliance and helping your clients. The whole process is up to 7 weeks, with minimum time and effort after the first 3 weeks as we take up the load after that for you.

Our next start date is: 23rd November. All access, course curriculum and support will be available on this date.

Online Course Overview Session: 24th November

Online Session Group Practical Days: 25 November, 2 December and 9 December from 10am -12 noon and from 1pm to 3pm AEST. These are live coworking, question time, peer support and accountability.

Creator Interviews: 1x 20 min session per Creator from 14 December.

Course completion and final submissions by: 18th December

Course Modules Launch: 11th January

Follow on Campaign: 12th January – 24th January.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this a one-time payment or do you offer a payment plan?

A. As we offer instant access to all course materials, we are only able to offer a payment plan where the start date is more than 3 weeks away at time of commitment Ie. end Dec for Feb start, end Mar for May start, end Jun for Aug start and end Sep for Nov start. If you choose a payment plan outside of this timing, we will assume you are not choosing to enroll in the program coming up, as all payments must be complete prior to creator course start date. To commence a payment plan, please email us with your selected start date.

Q. Can I do the Upskill Creators Course and not list my course with WE-Being Upskill?

A. Unfortunately, no. We feel that as a Creator your genius is best when you get to show up and do what you do best. We see this program as our first step in supporting you as a Creator for the life of your work. As a Creator with us, you are an independent contractor, therefore you retain the right to your IP. If you no longer wish to be a Creator with us at any time you are able to delist your course. As part of our contractor agreement cancellation however, we do require you to not use our unique learning and support methodology or format for your work. If you have more questions about this or would like a copy of the contractor agreement before you join the program, please book a chat or get in touch via email.

Q. What is the % I get paid as a Creator when my WE-Being Upskill course sells?

A. As we offer a full managed service for hosting, marketing, selling, delivery and followup we price our courses to be affordable for our (your and our) clients. Clients pay AUD$127 per course and from time to time we offer specials and discounts which we absorb in our costs, or gain your opt-in for. For every course that we transact for a new enrollment, we pay the Creator 37%. We also offer you an opportunity to become part of our Sphere of reciprocity whereby you can get up to additional 20% when an enrollment comes from sharing your unique link. For full terms and conditions or to review the agreement, please contact us.

Q. What is Upskill?

A. Upskill is WE-Being’s on demand short-course learning and support platform. It is for people who appreciate skill-based courses that meet the needs of the whole being as they are undertaking the learning and development from the materials. Upskill courses are non-linear and are experienced in a community learning environment. We believe this provides the greatest opportunity for positive impact for the learner – skill seeker.

Our unique learning and support methodology compliment our ‘positive impact’ philosophy.

Q. Who or What is WE-Being?

A. WE-Being stands for Whole Evolving Being. We honour and assist the evolutionary development of the whole person by offering self-accessible needs assessment, tailored support for skill development and implementation and self-evidenced based measurement to track growth. Our products and services exist to help people evolve with ease.

Q. I can’t make the next start date for the Upskill Creators Course? What are the next intake dates?

A. Our start dates for 2020 are::

23rd November – Prac Days: 25/11, 2/12, 9/12.

If you are unable to make the Prac Day Sessions, you can watch back the recording. You will also still have access to the Course Creators Group online.

These dates coincide with our Creator’s Module release dates, launch and events schedule for 2020.

Q. Can I list my course on my website, share in my newsletter and on my socials to increase sales?

A. Yes! With the course you create out of the Retreat that you list with WE-Being, we’d love for you to position it as the foundational part of your work when someone first comes to work with you. You can use your media kit we supply you with for onbrand imagery and recognition as an endorsed WE-Being Creator with a transaction link back to Upskill – which will deliver your course for you on our learning and support platform within the community-based environment.


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