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Grow your business in 2020 by creating and publishing your body of work. Create a course that enhances your business and your reputation and earns you money 24×7!

VIP Package includes: Creating your body of work Upskill Module ::  1x 60 min 1:1 Course Creator Planning Session with WE-Being’s Founder + Conscious CEO Leah Kearns ::  Founding Member access to the WE-Being Creator Ambassador Circle.

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Valid for 12 months – select the best digital retreat date for you


Are you wanting to create your course in 2020?

Activate as the Creator. Experiencer. Originator.

that you are…

Retreat Key Dates

Our Digital Retreat is designed to be focused and deliver your course with ease in the quickest time possible (3 weeks), so you can release it out into the world and get on with doing what you do best – showing up in all your brilliance and helping your clients. The whole process is 7 weeks, with minimum time and effort after the first 3 weeks as we take up the load after that for you.

Our next start date is: 4th May. All access, course curriculum and support will be available on this date.

Online Session Group Practical Days: 11/5, 25/5, 1/6 from 10am -12 noon and from 1pm to 3pm. These will be live coworking, question time, peer support and accountability.

Creator Interviews: 1x 20 min session per Creator from 15-17/6

Course completion and final submissions by: 8th June

Course Modules Launch: 22nd June

Follow on Campaign:  23 Jun – 10 Jul

About the VIP Package

With this VIP package you get everything as per the standard package and additionally:

* Access to Upskill Module – Creating Your Body-of-Work by Leah Kearns.

* 1x 60 min 1:1 Course Creator Planning Session with WE-Being’s Founder + Conscious CEO Leah Kearns.

* Founding Member access to the WE-Being Creator Ambassador Circle.

What Creators are saying about being a Course Creator with WE-Being


It’s a dream come true. Such a magnificent community and amazing opportunity to share our gold in a win win win scenario. I love being a mentor in WE-Being #Upskill and the team have helped me birth 2 modules!!!!

It’s a dream come true for me as my skills are in other areas from the tech digital space. If this is calling you i highly recommend you GO FOR IT 😊💜💙💚 nothing to loose everything to gain and you live your highest purpose of connecting with and helping people. Thanks Leah Kearns and our amazing community xxx”.

-Mandy Siegel, Voice Coach and Trainer – Speaking with Confidence

“I am working on my course for my role as a WE-Being mentor today – this is the real deal, folks. Leah and her team are absolutely committed to best practice, quality content, supporting their course creators AND consumers, and providing a revolutionary new platform capable of changing the business world.

With Leah’s corporate and tech background combined with her intuition and spiritual practice, she is ideally placed to deliver on her promises. This retreat will make your course better than you ever dreamed on your own.

I came in with a plain and slightly boring idea for a course on contracts and client communication, and with Leah‘s guidance, her ability to recognise gold through the dirt, and her knowledge of what her community truly needs, I am creating a course that uses legal foundations to heal the trauma of broken boundaries, making business safer on every level. It’s incredibly exciting Imagine what you could create?”

-Michelle Whitehead, Lawyer and Founder of Contracts That Care

“I feel so honoured, inspired and appreciative to be a part of the WE-Being team!

-Astara Vella, Facilitator and Founder of Heart Centred Beings


The Digital C.E.O.

Course Creators Curriculum

Our 5 Step ‘Create with Ease’ Process

Let’s Take a Look at What’s Inside-The-Retreat

Prep your Presence

Key Mission Message :: Guided audio and playsheet to focus your intention for your course and the course creation process.

Onboarding Process :: Gather and submit your bio, pictures, brand style, insurance (if applicable).

These tools prepare you for course completion and self-satisfaction.

Map your Module

Module Overview :: Using our unique learning methodology, you map your module to enhance your clients experience of well-being while they’re taking purposeful action to complete the work.

Simply, it’s well-being + work. We call this werk.

We help you identify the skills you’d like to deliver, the outcomes you’d like for your client, any output you’d like them to have and lastly the long term impact you’re setting them up to experience.

Develop your Course Foundations

Purposeful Action Days :: The first 2 Prac Days sessions you’ll spend fleshing out your course overview to become your course module.

With the ability to get feedback and guidance on weaving your strengths, skills and your body-of -work together to create a module of your work, you’ll feel your course come together with ease.

Create and Produce your Course

Purposeful Action Days :: The remainder of the Prac Days Sessions you’ll spend fleshing out your course overview to become your course module.

With an experienced Course Mentor on hand to provide advice, and a cohort of like-minds surrounding you as you werk up your materials, you’ll have your course completed within just 3 weeks.

Launch, Share and Celebrate

This is where we do the heavy lifting for you by::

  • * Creating and supplying you with your media kit
  • * Hosting your course
  • * Launching and Selling your course
  • * On-boarding your new clients
  • * Supporting, advocating and following up your new clients to encourage course completion

Being with a cohort of other like-minds there is true power in coming together as a connected and shared network. Together we::

  • * Each share our own courses
  • * Encourage our audiences to experience our foundational modules of our body-of -work
  • * Highlight others and their courses that we align with from the WE-Being C.E.O. Circle
  • * Celebrate our creations!

You’ve completed the Digital C.E.O. Course Creators Retreat! This means::

  • * You become an endorsed WE-Being Creator and contractor
  • * You get paid for completing the Digital C.E.O. Course Creators Retreat
  • * You get paid every time your course is purchased through our platform
  • * You get paid when we advocate and sell an upgrade on your behalf

As a WE-Being Course Creator The Best Bit Is…

You’re a Creator.

We help you make space to Create with ease.

  • * To support well-being for yourself and your clients.
  • * By create a course of most ease for your clients to implement and complete and for your creation pleasure.
  • * The no-stress approach with our unique werk learning methodology and format.
  • * You retain ownership of your body-of-work intellectual property.

Be More. Do Less.

Experience what it’s like to truly be supported in your work and have more time, space and energy to show up, be you and do the part you’re best at.

  • * No more technology struggles – your course is fully built, hosted and maintained by us. There’s no on-going or additional platform fees, just a simple % per course enrolment transaction process.
  • * Marketed. Sold. We not only create your marketing media kit, we also schedule it across our communications channels, effectively selling your course on your behalf.
  • * Delivered. We also deliver your course through our online community-based learning platform which provides your new clients with an easy way to tag you for questions.
  • * Market and Client advocacy and support – We monitor your clients progress, prompting them with additional support and options if they get stuck; and we follow them up to advocate on your nehalf giving you and them opportunity to work further and more deeply with you once they know your work style and have a run on the board from having done the work in your course.

Be More You.

Showcase your Skills by taking advantage of our unique skills streams.

  • * Skill Streams – our skill streams merge your unique strengths, practices, techniques, knowledge and experience; helping you combine your skills and feature them in a way that your clients get the best out of your work with tangible results, no matter how intangible your body-of-work.

And that’s not all…

For keen-Activation takers We Have These

Exclusive Bonuses Lined Up

Bonus #01 – Blog

Saving you more time – our in house wordsmith will hand craft you a blog about your course module subject based on your course content. Then just simply approve for publication across our social media channels.

Bonus #02 – Pod

Pod interview recorded, published on our podcast network, social media and YouTube channels and featured in our ‘What’s New’ email for our Upskill community.

Bonus #03 – Speak

Speaker invitation – for WE-Being’s Digital werk Festival in October 2020 – with the theme being “This Is Me”.

Bonus #04 – Scheduled Social Media

Our team will schedule your course media kit on your social media via our distribution system. We schedule, you approve piece by piece or blanketed approval and then the content connects with your audience.

Bonus #05 – weCowork Membership

12 month membership to WE-Being’s digital on-demand coworking community weCowork.


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