Creating your Body of Work


This module helps you to build your own body of work, an essential step on your transformation to becoming an emerging mentor and leader.

Through this module we give you the tools and techniques to define what is unique about you, and then walk you through how to package your body of work to help lots of people.

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This module helps you to build your own body of work,  an essential step helping you to be and become all you’re here to offer to the world as an emerging mentor and leader.

We describe Mentor-ship as Mentor [lived experience] + ship [skill].

With the completion of this Creating your Body-of-Work Module you’ll really be fulfilling your potential to being and becoming the emerging Mentor and Leader you’re here to be!

In this module we will talk about what has lead you to the point you are at right now in your business and in your life. It’s important to start at the beginning and understand the unique value that you have to offer. We will why it’s an ideal time to be actively embracing and developing your body-of-work discuss the work you do. We will also explore and map what you are bringing to it as your unique perspective, skills, strengths and experiences. We will also discuss why mapping your body of work is important, especially within the context of the 3 Doors of Service.

Building on your understanding of knowing which Door your clients are coming to you from, also knowing the stage of your business helps you to understand your focus for what to put your money, time and energy towards when pursuing the next iteration or evolution of your business as you grow.

It helps you to leverage the information, learning and client assets and infrastructure that you have already spent money, time and energy building. You can usually reuse materials, technology and systems as you move forward with expanding your business to help more clients.


1. You will understand what Systems Living is and why it is important

2. You will Map Your Body of Work

3. You will understand the 3 Doors of Service and how that integrates with Anything as a Service

4. You will understand and identify Stages of Business

5. You will build a Business Model Map


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