Uncover Your Overweight Thinking


Everything you need to shift weight with conscious and purposeful action.  

In this module, learn to listen to your body’s intuition and develop a self-compassionate practice for your weight journey. It will help you to stop looking for external solutions, the magic bullets, the quick fixes, pills, powders and potions, and start to look inside yourself for the answers. 

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This module helps you to better understand the weightloss journey beyond the physical. It takes you through a process of identifying where you are now and what patterns have allowed you to get here. With theory and holistic, practical exercises on the cycle of struggle and success and creating long-term habits, this teachings in this course are profound. They’re timeless, and they’re infinite in terms of how much you can get out of them with repetition, and practice.  

Content includes videos, practical exercise pdf downloads, meditation and Goal Hypnosis audio 


      • Identify how you got where you are 
      • Understand the struggle and success cycle 
      • Create stackable habits 


      1. Become the person who releases excess weight and maintains a healthy lifestyle  
      2. Letting go of old pattern of weighing in on scales to measure success 
      3. Embrace habit tracking 
      4. Confidence in ability to follow through and achieve real change 
      5. Tools to build self confidence and resilience 

About the module creator:

Suzanne Culberg

Suzanne is passionate about supporting women holistically in their weight journey. With an approach to weight loss that challenges traditional methods, Suzanne draws on her own personal experience and mindset practices 

Click here to learn more about Suzanne.

 How long does it take to complete and integrate?


WText: Yesterday i was clever, so I changed the world. Today I am wise so I am changing mysefle find that it takes between 3 and 15 hours to complete a module spread over a number of weeks or months.

This allows time to integrate and apply your learnings.

How do Upskill courses run?

After your order is complete, you get an email giving you access to the module on  our community platform.

If you already have a login to our community platform, make sure you use that login email address at checkout.

The module is split into sections with videos from the module creator at the start of each section.

Throughout the learning segments we intertwine well-being and reflection practices.

This helps you to not only gain topic knowledge but also to grow personally, reducing feelings of overwhelm, isolation or comparison to others as you are integrating this new learning and just going through life.

As you progress through the module, you tick off what you have completed so that you don’t forget where you were.

Additional benefits of this module

Get access for the life of the course so you can take the time you need

Get the entry level skills you need before committing to high cost programs, saving you money and time loss

Learn from a true subject matter expert with lived  experience of their body of work.

Connect with peers and the creator and share your thoughts to help to grow your understanding of the topic and deepen the experiences you have had.

Use our novel monitoring approach to measure your growth so that you can see your actual improvement through completing the course.




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